Ratcliff Architecture News

RATCLIFF presents at the 2012 High Performance Building Summit, San Francisco, June 20, 2012

Ross Levy, Director of Sustainability, Ratcliff presented on Integrated Architecture for Optimized Operations: Environment-Envelope-Inhabitant

The High Performance Building Summit concentrated on Implementing Effective Energy Management Systems, Developing Sustainable Designs with LEED Designation and Addressing Intelligent Cost Management Strategies and Investment Methods

Achieving energy efficiency in buildings has become an important component in the redevelopment and new construction process. Owners and Facility Managers are constantly looking for innovative and cost effective ways to redevelop their facilities and make them more energy efficient while maximizing returns on investments.

This platform provides participants with strategies for:
  • Identifying the areas for development to attain highest returns on investments
  • Achieving high energy efficiency through sustainable building designs
  • Overcoming design limitations to accommodate building specific needs
  • Analyzing energy dynamics in buildings with proper monitoring of energy and thermal performance