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Lance Kubiak to present "Integrating Research into Design" at AIA Convention 2014, July 2014

FR212 - McCormick Place

This 90-minute seminar will provide an overview of research-integrated design and its place in a changing architectural profession and a review of current trends, applications, and its importance for re-positioning the profession into the future. The three speakers will introduce case studies that highlight the application of research-based design in academics and practice. Two presentations (projects funded by the AIA/AAH Tuttle Fellowship project and the UC Berkeley Chester Miller Fellowship) will focus on a planning and design aspect; the third presentation will focus on how the architect-client relationships benefit by exercising a research-based design approach. Participants will discuss the opportunities and strategies for emerging professionals to immediately apply research-based design techniques to upcoming projects in diverse areas of architecture, planning, and design.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Be better positioned to respond to an ever-changing clientele that demands well-informed design interventions that address a variety of social, cultural, and economic factors.
    2. Understand strategies on gathering useful/applicable data.
    3. Realize the potential of research-based design.
    4. Learn current application of research in design, which is quite limited in the modern profession.

Provider: This workshop is aimed to benefit an emerging and immediate level professional with an active interest in expanding their scope of integrating research-based design into practice. This seminar is oriented to all emerging professionals in architecture, planning and design from any size firm and area of interest. The audience will benefit from hearing three different perspectives of applying academic research methods into design practice for a specific client, in this case The Department of Veterans Affairs – Designing for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and emerging military health concerns. Two of the case studies presented in the seminar have been funded by the AIA/AAH Tuttle Fellowship project and the UC Berkeley Chester Miller Fellowship fund.

Katya Alexander, MArch, AIA Associate

Designer, Nautilus Group, Oakland, California

David Alpert , AIA, MBA, LEED AP

Design Principal, Jensen + Partners, Berkeley, California

Lance Keoki Kubiak, MArch, AIA Associate

Junior Planner, The Ratcliff Architects, Fresno, CA

Alexander J.C Tsai, Assoc AIA

Project Manager, Department of Veterans Affairs, San Francisco, California