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RATCLIFF possesses a vibrant vision, a zest for innovation and a commitment to sustainability. With a legacy in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1906, the firm is a living, adapting organization, dedicated to evoking a world in healthy balance with time, purpose and place.

RATCLIFF's partners engage clients who share our values and serve as strategic partners in designing sustainable building solutions. Our primary practice areas of academic, healthcare and civic architecture present limitless opportunities for a sustainable architecture that is driven not only by formal questions of image, allusion and program but by deeper issues of global survival.

From this modest step and in keeping with its Core Purpose, Values and Mission, RATCLIFF remains committed to influencing change within the practice of architecture and in society so that people and nature thrive over the next hundred years and beyond.

1906 - 1915

The Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906 sends thousands of San Franciscans to the East Bay seeking shelter. Walter Harris Ratcliff is licensed to practice architecture while employed in the office of John Galen Howard. A partnership with Alfred Jacobs in San Francisco leads to establishing his own practice in Berkeley around 1908. Since his student days, he has been designing and building speculative houses and from his early practice on is acclaimed for gracious homes in the English and Mediterranean vernaculars, such as the Bade residence on College Ave. ca. 1906, which still stands.
1906 - 1915