South Campus Entry River ViewSouth Campus Entry River View
Hospital Complex and Main Entry TerraceHospital Complex and Main Entry Terrace
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Hospital Design Competition
South Campus Entry River ViewHospital Complex and Main Entry Terrace
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All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Hospital Design Competition
Rishikesh, India
Inherent in the design for the proposed AIIMS Hospital Complex and Campus in Ri­shikesh is a composite layering of structural relationship such as cutting edge tech­nologies, functional efficiency, sustainable development, green design, natural en­vironment, and building placement guided by Vastu (the Hindu tradition of space design that promotes harmony with natural forces).

The concept for this campus was to return the grounds to its former natural forested state through a systematic process of reforestation. This sustainable strategy will minimize the visual density of built form by the masking of the buildings allowing only filtered views through the trees. The vision is to cre­ate the setting for health services within a natural and sacred garden environment of green, light and water.

The Institute is organized around an internal pedestrian spine or mall that parallels the directional flow of the nearby Ganges River. Attached to the other side of this or­ganizational spine, hospitals and other buildings are then sequentially connected to create an internal pedestrian precinct with the larger campus. The mall will be covered to provide protection from exposure to the elements and will be naturally ventilated. With state-of-the-art high-tech medical equipment, the facility will offer diag­nostic and therapeutic care in clearly identified specialty and super-specialty ser­vices. Health research, both basic and applied, will be conducted in the facility as well, along with a Nursing College for 60 students annually. The Institute was designed to include a 500-bed hospital to provide medical treatment in 18 specialty disciplines; six Basic Science Departments, a Nursing school and Hospital Administration and other support services.