De La Salle High School Classroom Buildings 300-400 Renovation
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De La Salle High School Classroom Buildings 300-400 Renovation
Concord, CA

As part of a phased, 20-year master plan produced by Ratcliff to support the school’s changing program and need for future expansion, this phase of work focused on the renovation and re-purpose of two classroom buildings.

Building 300, an existing two-story classroom building, was renovated to provide for updated math, art and computer labs. The purpose was to connect these updated spaces to the new adjacent STREAM building in order to enhance the overall science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and math programs. The spaces are now linked via a new bridge and corridor through Building 300. New exterior doors were added between the lower level art classrooms and the STREAM outdoor quad to provide direct access into the updated building.

The school’s older science classrooms located in Building 400 were re-purposed into a new Academic Resource Center that provides for tutoring and support services during and after school hours. The design provides for different types of learning environments for both individual and group work. Glass partitions separate the classrooms and small meeting rooms for easy supervision and also allow for changing the size of the classrooms depending on need.