Escuela Bilingue Internacional Master Plan and K-4 Campus
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Escuela Bilingue Internacional Master Plan and K-4 Campus
Emeryville, CA
Escuela Biling├╝e Internacional (EBI), an independent co-educational dayschool in Emeryville and Oakland, currently serves pre-K through 4th grade students with plans to expand up to the 8th grade. They plan to expand the school and relocate entirely to the Emeryville campus. EBI engaged Ratcliff to guide them through a collaborative process, including community workshops, to develop a flexible plan for the school to grow into their new campus over time.


The master plan includes a phased renovation of the existing building; construction of two new two-story classroom buildings; a multi-use athletics building and site improvements.


The design of the new West Campus reflects a bold vision for a lasting, flexible, and innovative learning environment which is a hallmark of the EBI learning experience. The project transforms an existing industrial building and site into a high-performance learning environment. The building design will include durable and sustainable materials and energy efficient mechanical systems to minimize operating costs and impact on the environment. Classrooms and break-out spaces at the building perimeter connect to an active central zone that provides flexible space for shared resources, break-out activities, private conferences, and opportunities for social interaction. The project also entails a phased master plan of the outdoor learning environment to be implemented over time as funds become available.