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/ BauHaus Transitional Congregational Modular Housing

Ratcliff is partnered with BauHaus LLC to design prefabricated modular housing prototypes for people that are transitioning out of homelessness and into permanent housing.  This congregational prototype is based on repeatable 12’x60’ modules that is built off site and either flat packed or delivered as completed units and seamed together on site.  The product is designed after a “lodge” concept of a big open room with a catering kitchen, recreation, in the center spaces and bedrooms around the perimeter with sliding panel doors to allow openness and transparency.  The entry sequence begins with an entry court where guests may gather before entry.  The front reception and living room is meant to create a welcoming, embracing spirit.  The prototype has a 60’x108’ footprint with 3 stories and can house up to 184 beds in bunk bed dormitory style with flexibility to reduce the number and create semi private double rooms.  Guests in this type of facility are drug and alcohol free and are actively receiving wrap around care with workshops, counseling and extended need services.


This is a sister prototype to the prototype Bauhaus Village housing project which is a less dense housing / living transition community.


Bay Area, CA


21,600 SF


  • Study


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Planning
  • Programming