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/ City of Berkeley Fire Station

For over twenty years this fire station has stood as a significant and symbolic structure to its surrounding residential neighborhood and the City of Berkeley. The site was once a unique triangular shaped park, that marked the entryway into one of the City’s most prestigious residential neighborhoods. However, with the construction of new homes came the desire to protect them, and hence the need for an additional fire station. When it became apparent the Park was the only city-owned lot that could best serve the neighborhood, public outcry emerged and surrounding neighbors carried their objections as far as the State Supreme Court. After nearly seven years of debate, working drawings were at last completed. Ratcliff was determined to create a building which would preserve the park’s visual aesthetics and existing woods atmosphere by retaining all of the prominent major trees. Out of this determination came the perfect design solution: a round firehouse.


Berkeley, CA


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  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Planning
  • Programming