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/ Kaiser Fresno Master Plan and Medical Center

Upon completion of the site master plan, Ratcliff’s goal for this new 405,000 s.f. Medical Center was to create an appealing, non-institutional environment with the potential for future expansion and flexibility for change. The building was designed as an expandable three-part complex: a medical office building that allows for the attachment of additional pods of office and support space; an OSHPD support building for both inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and treatment services; and a 200,000 s.f. hospital. The campus is unified by an l-shaped mall that links the three buildings and allows for easy and efficient flow of physicians, staff, patients and visitors. The mall also provides additional support space for the medical office functions, such as pharmacies and optical sales.

The clinics (MOB’s) are located along one arm of the mall. Each building is a modular element, four floors high, with an operational model of twelve doctors per floor. Flexible planning allows for two additional mob’s to be added to the mall at a future time. The Ancillary Services building, located at the vertex of the mall was designed with three sides available for future expansion. It includes space for inpatient and outpatient surgical services, diagnostic imaging, clinical lab, physical therapy, the Emergency Department, and administrative services. The third piece, the Bed Towers, connect to the opposing arm of the mall. Inpatient capacity includes two nursing towers with 158 beds. The operational model of 24 beds per floor led to a modular bed tower element; future tower modules can be easily added to the mall linkage.


Fresno, CA


405,000 SF


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