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/ Stanford/ValleyCare Hospital Addition

Located east of San Francisco in the fast-growing Tri-Valley metropolitan area, the existing ValleyCare Medical Center campus comprised a 60-bed general acute-care hospital and two medical office buildings. Faced with chronic shortages of capacity in medical/surgical beds as well as surgery and outpatient services, the ValleyCare Health System called upon Ratcliff to create an expansion plan that would accommodate its short- and long-term needs while enhancing internal circulation and creating a new gateway to the medical campus. The Master Plan developed by Ratcliff responded to existing conditions both on and surrounding the campus, providing for a phased development of the site keyed to program growth and capacity demands. The first project to be built was a new three-story, curvilinear atrium that links existing and new facilities, and serves as a prominent new entrance for the campus.

The new addition nearly doubled the size of the hospital in area, although two of the three floors were shelled at construction. During the intervening years,Ratcliff has developed plans for the completion of these two floors, the first within a year of building completion. The second was completed in January 2010. The most recently completed floor (the 1st Floor of the West Wing), while retaining the essential footprint of the other two floors, was modified to accommodate bariatric patients and provide more accessible rooms than the other two floors. In addition, finishes were updated to develop a modern, patient-friendly appearance.


Pleasanton, CA


60,000 SF


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