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/ VA Martinez Psychosocial Rehabilitation + Recovery Center

The new 11,000 square-foot Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Recovery Center (PRRC) is designed with simplicity, transparency, clear organization and a welcoming entry. The location of the building on the site optimizes the proximity of the PRRC Center to the VA campus while establishing its own, separate identity as part of the surrounding community. The building is designed to give the Social Services program a separate, distinct entry on the first floor that is identifiable in form and graphics. The Contract services program is located on the second floor with another separate entry from an upper road and parking to the west. This entry requires a bridge connection and access through an exterior deck. Differences in exterior grade provide a distinctive background and inspired the overall building massing and roof form. Shading devices include a slight roof extension and horizontal metal louvers above glazing. A large roof covers the 2nd floor deck to make future expansion convenient.

The efficiency of locating the stair two-story stair on the exterior of the building provides an added benefit of creating a vertical feature to the building facade. The building’s envelope consists of EIFS, brick and metal panel. The team used perforated metal at the exterior stair to provide visibility, light and sun-shade to the stair. Social Services entry is integrated into the stair massing.

Upon entry, the approach to reception is clear with direct line-of-sight to staff and waiting patients, family and friends. The reception desk is made of durable materials that support hand-to-hand transaction with patients, both standing and sitting. The wood ceiling above Reception is perforated with an acoustical backing to ensure good acoustics for spoken communication and privacy. Suspended lighting pendants illuminate the reception desk and define it as the entry’s first face-to-face connection.


Martinez, CA


11,000 SF


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