Ratcliff’s Foresight Group

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Ratcliff Foresight Group

Ratcliff’s Foresight Group

Staff are invited and encouraged to join the Ratcliff Foresight Group. Goals of the committee include:

  1. Understand how world forces are driving change in architecture and imagine future scenarios.
  2. Cultivate atmosphere of open, free thinking about opportunities the future will hold 10 years and beyond.
  3. Find common themes / topics for deeper study and understanding
  4. Publish findings / summaries for office and Intranet

Goals for Ratcliff, 10 years and beyond

  • Expand our Mindset:
    • Create a higher consciousness to see where we are heading.
    • See new patterns of human behavior, indicators for healthy living
    • Scenario Planning: Sensitivity to datasets, patterns, ways of thinking.
    • Mechanical paradigm vs emergence or making a better widget vs creating a new way of thinking.
    • Understand change is a constant, embrace it, lead it. See and understand what drives our change, not accepting change for change sake.
    • Understand world forces to better advise clients.
    • Increase role of architects to shape environments for humans, not machines.