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/ Kaiser Walnut Creek ED Re-Purpose to Med/Surg Nursing Unit

Ratcliff has been commissioned by Kaiser to re-purpose an 11,000 sf vacated ED unit into a medical surgery nursing unit for 16 beds. Because this space is on the ground floor at the public entrance to the hospital, the challenge is to create visual and acoustical privacy for patients inside their rooms. A substantial exterior scope will be undertaken to increase glass for daylight as well as new landscaping and window system fins to reduce visibility into the room. Double insulated laminated glass will be utilized to reduce exterior noise.

The interior design concept starts with understanding Walnut Creek as a place at the nexus of 3 creek systems that feed the bay area watershed. The interconnectedness of our water system became an emblem for Kaiser’s connected care brand. The verdant green hills of Mount Diablo in rainy seasons juxtaposed by the neutral tan grasses during dry summer gave inspiration to the color, look and feel of the space. Bold geometries and manipulation of light add an upgraded modern approach. This retrofit serves as a prototype for future upgrades within the hospital, keeping the facility fresh and full of vibrancy.


Walnut Creek, CA


11,800 SF


  • Design-Assist


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Renovation