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/ VA Mather Primary Care Clinic

This 18,000 sf two-story Outpatient Clinic will serve as a new entry point and clinic for a larger future remodeled space in an existing building on the VA Mather campus. The building design incorporates the VA’s “Patient Aligned Care Team” (PACT) model which focuses on providing coordinated care. The model utilizes a two-door exam room that places caregivers in close proximity to each other and patient exam rooms for better service and coordination.

Veterans walk down quiet spacious hallways with natural light that promotes intuitive wayfinding. A simple plan arrangement of two patient hallways that flank a staff-only core limits the number of decision points, reducing overall stress for both patient and caregiver.  Lobby areas also have ample light and connection to outdoors with a variety of seating arrangements to engage and make waiting more active while, at the same time, calming for patients and families who accompany their loved one for an appointment.  As landscaped walkways are a prominent theme at this campus, the effort to frame exterior views and connection to outdoors was implemented throughout the design.  This building fits in a space with tight constraints and relies on an elegance of simplicity to perform its role in framing and becoming a prominent entry piece.

This is one, of two, clinics currently in design. Both buildings are designed to meet LEED Silver criteria, employing photovoltaics on the rooftop and solar shading devices on the exterior.


Martinez, CA


18,000 SF


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