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/ Justin Siena High School Classroom Modernizations

Classroom Building 100 is first of the five classroom buildings to be programmed and renovated as an implementation of the school’s master plan. The design team and the school’s leadership worked together to provide the most cost-effective solutions that addressed various learning styles in an energy-efficient building. Each classroom allows students to work in different locations and formats with floor-to-ceiling marker boards , moveable furniture, and numerous power connections. Interactive technology is selected to enhance interaction between students and teacher. A department office together with a conference room were designed to increase collaboration among teachers and is inviting to students. Mechanical and lighting systems were upgraded to provide thermal comfort and flexible lighting controls. The building envelope was renovated to allow building systems t o work at their most efficiency. Considerable effort is put on safety and transparency of each classroom; increased daylight and visual connection to the surrounding landscape are provided throughout.


Napa, CA


7,000 SF


  • Guaranteed Maximum Price


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Renovation