Civic Architecture

Buildings designed for meaningful interaction and cultural exchange.

Architecture inspires us primarily because of the opportunity it holds to interact with others in a meaningful way, and civic architecture can create a ripple effect of pride throughout the community. Honored to work with local governments to cultivate consensus and ensure the enduring value of each civic commission, Ratcliff provides site planning, surveys, building evaluations, use permit revisions, code compliance, tenant-improvements, adaptive re-use and renovation, and new construction for a variety of building types: office buildings, city halls, operation service centers, call centers, maintenance and corporation yards, courthouses, performing arts/event center, academic buildings, and non-OSHPD and OSHPD healthcare clinics. Balancing the design, management and technical requirements of each civic project, Ratcliff employs an operations-based approach to design and programming to secure the value and adaptability of civic structures for their communities and well into the future.


Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Caltrans, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Judicial Council of California, General Services Administration, Department of General Services, East Bay Municipal Utilities District, University of California and dozens of regional agencies, cities, towns and counties throughout the Bay Area.